Pure Kirtan


Pure Kirtan


Pure Kirtan is a unique, energetic, blissful, meditative, Kirtan experience that incorporates Kundalini kriyas and contemporary musical styles.

Angie Follensbee-Hall, born in Catania, Sicily, is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer, and fine paper artist. She began leading Kirtan with her husband, Joshua Hall, a New Hampshire native and classical guitarist/ composer, in January, 2011. The duo added fellow New Hampshire native, Ko Dustin, on djembe, and Esther Bostic on Violin. This dynamic and eclectic chant group has been performing their unique, energetic, and blissful style of Kirtan throughout New Hampshire, Vermont Massachusettes, and on the banks of the Narmada River in India.

Pure Kirtan’s music is both ecstatic and electrifying. The groove is definitely in the heart… Pure Kirtan and Pure Joy!

David Newman- Durga Das

Kirtan Wallah, Musician, Author, Teacher

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Kirtan: The Yoga of Sound

Kirtan (“Kheer-tawn”) is a community experience of sound healing and a companion to the practices of yoga and meditation. Everyone is encouraged to join in during the Kirtan, making the practice a “co-formance” where the group becomes a part of the band in a call and response style. During the “co-formance”, a Kirtan walla, or chant leader, will sing out a line and the group sings it back. These lines are repeated until they become integrated into the chanters consciousness. The chants usually rises in speed, building momentum and vibrational energy, and then the chant slows down. Rather than applauding between songs a moment of mindful silence and reflection follows the chant to allow the effects to settle in the body and spirit.

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Angie periodically invites us to join her in Kirtan. Accompanied by her husband Josh on the guitar and also a wonderful young drummer, Angie calls and sings a truly moving and wonderful chanting experience.

Gata Hudson

Professional Gardener

Josh and Ko provide the rhythmic music as Angie leads us in the beautiful chants. Angie has a magical way of bringing us all into spirit of the Kirtan. She has a wonderful voice to lead us, as the rest of us just follow along and get deep into the emotion of the chants.

Kristi Veverka

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200, Hypertherm

Their Kirtans are beautiful…sweet melodies. It’s worth the trip to share in the Bhav with this beautiful couple.

Adam Steinberg

ERYT 500, Yoga Instructor, Yoga To Go

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