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Welcome to Powerful Woman Yoga. Realize Your Innate Power.

Your life is a reflection of the authentic expressions of your inner most passions. Are you living fully? Are you expressing these passions? Powerful Woman Yoga will help you to unfold into your deepest potential. Our inspiration is the myriad paths of yoga and we use these transformational practices to live our most optimal and authentic selves. Angie Follensbee-Hall is the creator of Powerful Woman Yoga. Angie is a woman of myriad avatars… a mother, a yogi, an artist, a wife, daughter, a mentor, a friend. She came to this practice through the near loss of her daughter many years ago. In the depths of her shadow and sadness, she saw her deepest self was a powerful self. She dedicated her life to her yoga practice, and emerged a Powerful Woman. She longs to help you realize this same potential lies inside of you. Join us on this journey. Emerge with us.

About Angie Follensbee-Hall,

ERYT-500, BFA, Reiki Master Teacher,

Artist & Yogi

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach & Energy Worker

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I was born on the idyllic island of Sicily.

The Mediterranean Sea really is that Amazing pristine shade of blue, and the ancient volcano, MT. Etna looks over the island.  I remember from childhood visits that you can see the volcano shoot sparks into the sky.


My mother was born and raised in Sicily.  My parents met while my Dad was in the Navy.  I spent the first 18 months of my life living in this warm oasis while my Dad served.  Eventually my family moved to America.  It was my mothers life long dream to live in the USA.



We came to the US and moved to  New England.  Here, the weather is the complete opposite of the Mediterranean.  My body still has not adjusted to snowy living, after all these years, and my bones long for that warm blue sea…



I was a bit different than the other kids growing up, quiet and introverted.  My home life wasn’t your typical American life. We traveled to Italy several times in my childhood, while my friends rarely left the state! I lived in a bilingual house, which set me apart from the other kids (though I did not ever learn to speak Italian, someday I shall…). And we ate TONS of Pasta.  I am pretty sure not too many other kids in my neighborhood had squid on their dinner tables.

I was a happy young gal.  Creative and artistic, considered friendly and kind by teachers and friends. I won many “Good Citizenship” awards in school for helping other kids, and I guess for just being nice.  I did very well in High School, and graduated #10 in my class.  I believed I wanted to be an Art Teacher.




It was in high school that I met this handsome young man…

And fell in love. I followed him to New York State where I went to Elmira College pursuing the Art Education path.  It was there that I took my first meditation class.  I immersed myself in Eastern Studies, philosophy, religion, and Art.  I transferred to Plymouth State University half way through my college years and decided I would be an artist instead of a teacher. Then, I took my first Yoga class.  I was in love!  I enjoyed the philosophy and the physical practice. I incorporated yoga into a daily practice, read books on yoga,  and felt great.

After College was Marriage, and of course then Babies.  Yoga started to fall by the wayside after baby #2.  How to fit it in!  There wasn’t room for more with a baby and toddler, and I didn’t make time for the practice.



And then it hit.

Did you ever read the Black Pearl by John Steinbeck? There is a line in the book about the main character’s life before he found the pearl, and life after the pearl, as two distinct lives.  I often feel that way about the summer of 2005.  Our eldest daughter became ill on the eve of the Summer Solstice.  Major life sustaining organs needed for survival were shutting down in her body.  Watching one’s child come so close to death changes everything.  She had E-coli induced Hemalytic Uremic Syndrome.  We never learned where she contracted E-coli.  She was on multiple life support systems, breathing support and dialysis.  We spent a month in the hospital PICU.  Miraculously, she  recovered and her organ functioning returned.  But how does one to return to “normal life” after such an event?



That is one tired family in the picture.  But we were and are so happy &  grateful for every moment we have together.

It was very difficult to trust the world after that event.  Nothing felt safe.  I struggled emotionally.  Then, one day,  I saw a poster for a yoga class being offered in town and I signed up.  My mother in law came over to watch the girls as my husband and I went off to class.  I remember my daughters crying when I was left for class.  I didn’t want to leave them behind.  But my mother in law said “Just go, I got this”.  Reluctantly, we drove away.  When I came back from class, everything seemed better.  Everything WAS better. My body felt better, my mind was more at ease, I could breathe more easily.  Yoga came back into my life.



I came back to Yoga with more enthusiasm than ever.  I continued to practice on my own when the class ended.  The girls would nap and I would creep quietly into the bathroom to practice so they wouldn’t hear me and wake up from their nap! I was obsessed!  I practiced every day, and my strength grew, my spirits grew, and the world felt safe again.


Be Receptive


I entered yoga teacher training with Linda Lalita Winnick of Shakti Yoga, Saugerties, NY.  Linda taught us to seek inside for our own answers.  She taught us “Tapas”, to work hard, to sweat, and to honor the traditions of the practice.  We studied hard, we practiced A LOT, and we were encouraged to teach under-served population.  To say that Yoga Teacher Training was transformational would be an understatement.  I was a new person.

It was powerful beyond belief. Yoga teacher training opened a new doorway into myself that continues to unfold as I emerge into my most passionate self.

My purpose is to inspire others to step into their most passionate selves and live a life of health and prosperity, where the world feels safe no matter what happens.  Through the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindful living, we realize our greatest and most POWERFUL self.   Join me in becoming an inspiration.


Angie’s Offerings

Your life can be a reflection of your inner most passions.

You feel the desire for strength and direction in your life, and wish to align with your innate wisdom and beauty. You are questioning whether you are living at your fullest potential, you know there is more you can do and express, but where to start?  Which path is righ?  Who will guide you?  You seek spiritual direction and a daily practice, perhaps yoga or meditation, that still honors your family time.  Perhaps you struggle with staying in a job that no longer inspires, or you need to find a creative outlet to let your spirit soar?

Welcome to my creative abode.

My mission is to unfold and reveal to you how the myriad paths and practices of yoga, art, and healing, can create power and transformation in your life.

You can be full-filled by your unique strengths and align with your deepest self wisdom for a vibrant life. Powerful Woman Yoga is a vision for online yoga community offering health and wellness inspiration through blog, emails, and e-courses to build a sense of Power and strength rooted in honoring feminine strength and power.

You are stronger than you think and I want to help you realize this truth.

Myriad Yoga is a Yoga studio in the woods of New Hampshire, offering live yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings registered with Yoga Alliance. Pure Kirtan brings the joy of chanting and creative community, through live Kirtan events, recordings and downloads on Itunes, CD Baby, and Soundcloud. The Paper Glade is an online Gallery of Fine Handmade Paper Creations.   These offerings are transmitted through Powerful Woman Yoga- an online community of inspired writings and interviews, and Powerful E-Courses to engage your intellect and your soul.

Join us in the revolution of heart and soul.

Angie is a warm, competent and educated instructor who made learning to teach yoga fun and transformational. Taking her teacher training course was the best thing I have ever done for myself and is a gift that will keep on giving to me, to my family and to my students forever.

Cathy Vansant

Yoga Instructor, Graduate of Myriad Yoga Teacher Training

I have been practicing yoga with Angie for several years now and really enjoy her teaching methods. It is a nice mix of all aspects of yoga from breathing and chanting to physical fitness. She challenges those looking for a little extra and allows those who want to take it easy to go easy. She is my favorite instructor by far!

Cathy Parks

Rollerblade USA & Blizzard North American