The Next Level: Become a Masterful Yoga Teacher

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New format for the 300 hour teacher training program. Students will join the 200 hour training as an assistant with a designated role. In addition, students will participate in 108 yoga classes, and meet as a small group as needed. This new format will deepen your fundamental understanding, and help you to become a more masterful teacher.

The Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to advance your personal practice and make you a more masterful teacher.  We move forward from the knowledge and experience gained in the 200 hour program, deepen your understanding of the practices of yoga and hone your ability to understand and assist your students.  In this advanced training, you will improve on the connection between your personal yoga practice and the inspiration that is the art of teaching, through experiential learning.

Take the next step in understanding the mechanics of anatomy and how to build strength to prevent injury.  Explore advanced Asana in all categories of poses, as well as modifications and yoga for special populations, including a specialty in prenatal yoga.  Deepen your practice and understanding of pranayama, meditation, and mantra sadhana, and learn tools to help further your ability to teach these essential practices to your students.  Take your yoga and business career to the next level by developing and receiving coaching on your 5 year business plan.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  program counts towards your RYT 500 hours (must have previous 200 hours).

BENEFITS OF THE 300 Hour Program:

  • Assistant Role in the 200 Hour Basic Program
  • Advanced Asanas in :Standing Poses, Twists, Backbends, Balancing, Inversions, and Forward Bends, and more…
  • Anatomy and Therapeutics of the Shoulder, Hip, Pelvic Floor, and Spine
  • Core cues for guiding a deeper experience
  • Specialty focus on Prenatal Yoga
  • Modifications for a variety of injuries
  • Ayurvedic specialty focus on Kapha, digestion and metabolism
  • Ayurvedic specialty focus on Vata-Pshychology and the Mind
  • Ayurvedic specialty focus on Pitta and restoring the nervous system through restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra\
  • Mantra Sadhana- The Healing practice of Sound, Mantra, & Kirtan
  • The Divine Feminine and The Goddess Practices
  • Tantra and Meditation
  • Deepen Philosophy and Study of Sacred Text
  • Weekly focus on Advancing your personal practice through Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation
  • 5 Year Business Plan Counseling

Who should apply?

Previous graduates of a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Training Program and 6 months of yoga teaching experience (exceptions allowed, inquire with program director).  This 300 hour program of studies will combine with a the 200 hour to make you eligible to receive your 500 hour RYT status with Yoga Alliance.

Meeting Format:

Myriad Yoga Advanced 300 hour training will meet for the 200 hour program, all dates must be attended. In addition, students will attend 108 yoga classes on their own. Details TBA. We will meet in addition to these times to discuss teaching strategies specific to the 300 hour program. The Myriad Yoga 300 hour program is designed to create a solid grounding in the fundamentals, help teach other students how to teach, and build on your own teaching methodology, deepen your personal teaching practice, and establish long term business goals.

  • Each monthly meeting joins the 200 hour program, first weekend of each month (Saturday and Sundays- 8:30 AM -4:30 PM). These sessions will include lecture, discussion, practice teaching and assisting. Each 300 hour student will be given a designated role within the training/assistant format
  • 1:1 Counseling on specialized topics.
  • 108 Yoga Classes for you to participate in: Flexibility in class sessions
  • Practicum class: Specialty workshop/ Signature offering designed for the public (minimum: 2 hour class offering)

This time frame has been carefully selected to maximize your transformation into a more Masterful Yoga Teacher.  You will then take these lessons into your classes and to your student population.

Watch your class enrollment increase as you increase your confidence in your ability to teach.

$450 Deposit AND 300 hour application are needed to reserve your space in the training.

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