Jai Studios and Myriad Yoga Brownsville, VT

Jai Studios LLC and Myriad Yoga

Yoga Classes and Trainings in Brownsville, VT

With mixed emotions we announced the closing of The Cornish Yoga Space in April of 2017. We had been in Cornish for 18 years, and ran a home based studio in Cornish for 10 years, offering weekly classes, workshops, special events, live music, festivals, Swami’s from India, the world renown ‘Hanumen’, yoga teacher trainings, private sessions, Reiki workshops, and more.

But now we are excited to announce Jai Studios LLC and Myriad Yoga, in Brownsville, VT!

With our new home and studios, Josh and I decided to start a new business venture. Because our homes have always included our independent artistic/creative pursuits, we decided to name them and start a new business venture. We are introducing Jai Studios LLC, a yoga, music, art and wellness studio center. Josh and I finally have all the studio space of our dreams, plenty of space not just for yoga, but also for our music and artistic pursuits. This home means so much to us and we wanted to celebrate our ‘victory’ in finally having the space of our dreams! Jai means ‘victory’ in sanskrit and is an expression of great joy and celebration, so it seemed a fitting name.

We hope to offer more classes, trainings, monthly Kirtan and events for our community. Brownsville, VT is a picturesque VT town, and we feel blessed to have landed here. We are excited at the changes and new opportunities. We hope you will be a part of all that is to come!


Angie and Josh