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I look forward to working with you directly to help you live your best life. I am available for private sessions to create and design a yoga and lifestyle wellness program specifically for you! 

You’re tired.  Overworked.  You sometimes make it to yoga class, but its challenging to make any progress on this path.  You know you have the potential to see more results with Yoga, if you could only figure out how??

You have specific goals, but you are not sure how to meet them.  You wish you had more energy to meet all the demands of your busy life, and you can’t imagine how to fit in one more thing!  But you long to do more yoga, and to live a healthier lifestyle.  You wish you had someone to help you and to motivate you to have a home practice, so that you can live the healthy lifestyle you know is possible.

Your life can be a reflection of your inner most passions.  My mission is to unfold and reveal how the myriad paths and practices of yoga can create power and transformation in your life.  You can be fulfilled by your unique strengths and align with your deepest self wisdom for radiant vibrant living.


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I accept only a limited number of private sessions.  In working with me privately, we will have you commit to a set number of private sessions..  You will see the BEST results from consistent practice, and I want YOU to SEE and FEEL the benefits and results of this in depth and personal work.

Package 1:   “The journey to health begins!”


What you get:

3 Private sessions with me, to use on yoga practice, lifestyle counseling, and/or Reiki Healing.

Weekly email consultation, for 3 weeks

1 Phone consult

1 Audio practice/meditation recording

Handouts applicable to your area of concern


Package 2:  “Yogic Lifestyle and Wellness Specialty”


What you get:

6 Private sessions with me, to use on yoga practice, lifestyle counseling, and/or Reiki Healing

Weekly email consultation for 6 weeks

2 Phone Consults

3 Audio Practice/meditation recordings

1 Video made specially for you!

Handouts applicable to your area of concern.

Home Set Up/ Blocks, Mats, etc..



Package 3:   “Premier Yogic Lifestyle and Wellness Journey”


What you get:

10 Private Sessions with me, to use on yoga practice, lifestyle counseling, and/or Reiki Healing

Weekly email consultations for 10 weeks

4 Phone Consults

5 Audio Practice/Meditation recordings

3 Videos Practices made specially for you!

Handouts applicable to your area of concern

Home Set UP/ Blocks, Mat, Eye Pillow

Invested in your own health and well being.

You ARE worth it!

Payment plans for all the above options are available.


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I have studied Ayurveda and Yoga in my 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings, and can help you design an Ayurvedic lifestyle to bring you to your ideal self.  We will look at your current diet and lifestyle habits and see where you can make changes and transformations in your life.

You may be working with an injury or limitation, or maybe you want to design a yoga practice.  Perhaps you are ready to explore challenging yoga poses and investigate a deeper yogic lifestyle.  I will meet with you to design your individualized practice.

Kirtan and Mantra Sound Healing

Explore sound healing and create a practice for your sacred Mantra.  I can help you to build a Mantra Sadhana, a practice of sacred chanting.  We will investigate the history and science behind sound healing and help you to develop a daily mantram practice.


I have a Master Level Reiki Training and offers Reiki Healing sessions in addition to Reiki classes.  Reiki is a hands on relaxation and healing technique to calm your nervous system.


If you are a Yoga Studio looking for advanced workshops in Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda, or Mantra and Kirtan, contact me today to design a program that will bring more students to your space, and help to spread the wisdom of these teachings.

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