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Myriad Yoga Events and Workshops

 We are proud to offer you many opportunities to expand your study and practice with these guest teachers!

Kirtan in Brownsville!

We will be starting a regular gathering of friends for food, Kirtan, Meditation, chanting, reading, etc… Others are invited to open discussion as well- this is a community centered event. As per request, we are now attempting early afternoon events! I myself and not an “evening person” and folks with children often find it difficult to be out in the evening. We hope you can attend!

Kirtan event is always free, but we do leave out an optional donation bowl to help pay for food and for gas for the traveling percussionists!

Our next Kirtan and Satsang event with Pure Kirtan is scheduled for:

***Sunday, March 4, from 4:00-5:30 PM***

This will be a themed Kirtan to connect with Angie’s month long yoga concept of working with sound and the element of Ether.

And please do join us for Kirtan with Yvette in March, see below!


We are postponing the Tuesday Evening Energizing Flow Mini-series.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Winter 2017

With Ruth Ticknor, RYT-500

Saturday, March 10, 10-11:30 AM. 

$10 to pay ahead, $15 at the door!

Sign up with us now to save your spot- we have limited space in this class.


Kundalini Yoga!


  • Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • 10:00 AM  to 12:00 PM
  • Jai Studios, 1383 Route 44, Brownsville, VT
  • $25 ahead, $30 at the door

Counteract winter’s stiffness with a classic Kundalini sequence to open those hips.  Besides increasing hip flexibility, this set will build your core strength and allow you to indulge in some long, detoxifying twists.  As you relax in meditation afterward, you’ll observe increased aliveness, flow, and an expansive space within you.   We’ll finish the workshop with a magic mantra, song, and homemade treats!

If you haven’t tried Kundalini yoga yet, this immersive workshop is a great opportunity. We’ll gather at Angie Follensbee-Hall’s inspiring studio in Brownsville, VT for this sacred time together.  Investment is $25 if you pre-pay; $30 at the door.  Register by emailing me at this link or contacting Angie by clicking here.  Your hips will thank you! 

Contact us to Sign up now to save your spot in this
popular workshop with Amanda!



Yvette Om Returns!

Philadelphia Kirtan Artist Yvette Om will be joining us for Yoga and Live Music, and a Special Kirtan Celebration in March!

*Sweet Rhythm and Flow: Yoga and Live Music with Angie, Josh, and Yvette Om!

Thursday, March 22, 6-7:30 PM Yoga with Angie, and Music accompanied by Yvette and Josh, at Jai Studios in Brownsville!

A super sweet practice of fluid Yoga to the soothing tunes and melodies of Yvette Om. This class will transport you to your personal sacred space.

Regular class pass: Please add $10 for musicians

Drop in: $25

RSVP to save your spot in the class!

Kirtan with Yvette, Friday, March  23, 7-8:30 PM, at Jai Studios in Brownsville!


More about Yvette…

Celebrated Songwriter, Chant Artist & Harmonium/Vocal Coach, Yvette has the voice of an angel. Her music and chanting open the gates within the heart, allowing for the Divine within to shine.
Blending traditional eastern music with western popular melody, this sacred songwriter has reinvented the art of chanting in her unique way of peaking energetic waves of mantra with spontaneous vocal harmony, spiraling sound and song to new heights of beauty, power and awareness. Yvette’s style of kirtan(chant)  is harmonic, bringing in all the colors of the chakras to dance with each other and in turn, inspiring those present to join in the dance.
Yvette offers Kirtan, live sacred music for yoga classes, and her workshop, “Healing and Sound: an Exploration of Personal Voice and Power.”
She has recorded with Girish, Gaura Vani, Ben Leinbach, David Newman and chanted with Russill Paul of TheYoga of Sound.
An avid supporter of the non-profit organization “Living Beyond Breast Cancer” Yvette accompanies their annual “Yoga on the Steps’ Healthy Living Expo Events throughout the country.
Yvette has released CDs: Into the Arms of Love, The Song of Breath, We Are One. Her next CD is slated for release in May of 2018.
To learn more about Yvette, please visit her website at

Yoga Nidra will return in April! Date TBA!

Join Rick Lamont for an evening of Yoga Nidra!

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ® is a form of meditation and transformation whose roots are grounded in the wide and deep field of yogic tradition found in yogic texts, philosophy and psychology. Not only is this practice relaxing and energizing; it has the power to transform us at deep levels to become more of who we are and to live life from an awareness of our true Self with clarity, purpose and confidence. It is one of the deepest of all meditations, going beyond meditation, as our awareness is led through each of the koshas to our true Self.
Nidra means sleep. Yoga means yoke, or union, wholeness and one-pointed awareness. Yoga Nidra, yogic, or dynamic, sleep, refers to awakening in every level of our being through a specific guided meditation practice.

An inviting practice, Yoga Nidra can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. All that is required is to lie down and listen. It is a systematic method of complete relaxation and peace, not only for the physical body, but also for the deeper emotional and mental systems, penetrating to the roots of stress and allowing the release of subconscious tensions and tendencies that inhibit us from living fully. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra brings us to a place of deep calm, quiet and clarity.

Contact Angie for more information. Pricing TBA.



Coming in April!

Props Workshop with Sue Kirincich! More info TBA!

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